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Over the years, many of our customers have taken time out of their busy lives to share their gratitude for the amazing experience they received. We are proud to share their feedback, and hope to impress you with a similarly exceptional level of service.

First of all, the people in the office, there’s a lady who called before and after, very precise, professional, we knew when they were coming, when they’d be there, good follow-up. It was perfect on the communication. And the service guy was second-to-none. Very good guy. Understood what he had to go do, found the problem, ordered the part. So whatever you’re doing, keep it up—good people in the office, great service people. I was really pleased with the communications and the work done, and I want to thank the team there.

I’ve been a customer for a very long time. Every time I call American Appliance, the customer service staff are a cut above. They are professional, kind, thorough and always very pleasant, on the ball… they’re just great. I taught customer service in the banking industry for quite a while, and the staff at American Appliance handles everything beautifully. Somebody’s doing a whole lot right at American Appliance.

The customer service I experienced over two separate repair calls was exceptional. The scheduling staff are friendly and accommodated my calendar. I really appreciated the call the day prior to the appointment to confirm the service call and give the technician’s estimated time of arrival. The technician, Scott, was professional, efficient, and helpful in explaining the issue and how it would be repaired. He even provided some insight on what to anticipate in the future based on the age of the appliances. The follow-up call to inquire about the service experience was unexpected, but really appreciated. Truly a high-level customer-oriented company, which is refreshing to experience!

Greg was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, prompt, and helpful. I have always been happy with the services you provide and the people you send, but Greg had quite a job fixing my 20-year old Sub-Zero and did so quickly and effectively. In a world of declining customer service, I am grateful you are out there—especially when it comes to appliances that are very expensive to replace.

I’m calling to compliment the two technicians you sent to my home this afternoon. Dave and Jeff just finished up at my house and they did an absolutely fantastic job. These two guys are super professional, extremely knowledgeable, real problem-solvers, and extraordinarily polite, and I want you to know that. You’ve got our business forever, and I will be sure to tell all my friends about the fantastic experience we had with American Appliance.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the service provided by your technicians Brian Sabo and Chris Baca on my Sub-Zero. I cannot recall meeting more knowledgeable staff in any field who represented their organization with such character and professionalism. I will not only call American Appliance for any and all future service needs, I will enthusiastically campaign for your company to anyone needing appliance services.

Chris Baca came to appraise the control board on my Wolf oven, which has been out of warranty for seven years. This is the third control board we’ve had to replace, so Chris called Wolf and persuaded them to cover the cost of the replacement. It was so nice of him to plead my case for me, and I felt really taken care of. During his visit, Chris asked my permission to tutor a new employee, which as a teacher I was happy to grant. His instruction was careful, encouraging, and thoughtful. You would have been pleased with your employee’s on-the-job training. Chris is a wonderful reflection of your company.

I am happily once again writing you to thank you and your company for Chris Baca’s excellent service in repairing my Sub-Zero Pro 48. Chris promptly diagnosed the problem as a faulty thermistor, which he replaced the same day. As he worked, he carefully removed and replaced heavy glass shelving and stainless steel components without damage. But most of all I appreciated Chris’s empathy and concern for my medical condition. He even brought a medical mask and rubber gloves to wear while working in my home! I am thrilled to have Chris as my technician.

I’m calling about your technician Chris Baca. I don’t think I have ever had anyone come into my home as polite, helpful, caring and interested. What a marvelous representative of your company! My wonderful new Wolf and ASKO appliances are a little intimidating, and he even taught me how to use my stove and dishwasher. I would call to have him come back anytime I was having a problem. I feel so much better since he was here, and I sincerely appreciate his kindness. Thank you, thank you so much for having someone like that on your staff.

American Appliance has been coming to service my ASKO appliances for years. Richard was just here and he is so fabulous. I recall him spending hours on my kitchen floor waiting for the dishwasher to go through every cycle to ensure it was working properly before he left. You know how to hire great people and get the best out of them. I thank you for that!

I was highly satisfied and want you to know that Chris was really terrific with the ASKO dishwasher repair. He used his professional ingenuity to correct the problem I was having. I am impressed with the way that American Appliance trains their staff. Jeff communicates with the customers well. Your family-owned business “gets it” – your employees come ready to work, are very professional, tidy, and represent your company well.

Rich is wonderful. He’s maintained my Sub Zero for many years and he is just the nicest man. He is excellent, reliable and knows exactly what is going on. It is a 21-year-old refrigerator and American Appliance has been the only one to service it over the years. He’s a great guy to have servicing my refrigerator.

George was just here and he did a great job. I asked him a few questions and he gave me great answers. He was focused on getting the job done and doing it right. He was also friendly but very professional. He came in, diagnosed the problem and took care of it. I just wanted you to know that he is a good guy and doing a good job for you. We appreciate working with American Appliance.

In a world where everyone complains about everything, myself included, I just wanted to thank you for sending your technician Rich out to fix our appliance. He fixed everything perfectly. He changed the size of the ice cubes and now it fills up everyday correctly to the copper line. Thank you very much! We appreciate him taking the time to come out and get our appliance working again.

You just sent Joe out to put a new ice maker in our Sub Zero and the tech was excellent again. It was his second time to our home and he goes well above and beyond. We are just so happy to have American Appliance to rely on. The bills are always pretty high but of the companies that I work with I am happiest to pay yours because of your excellent service. Your company really knows what you’re doing when you hire people. We thank you for your great service and continually recommend you to other people.

I’ve had your technicians to my house several times and I’ve always had good experiences. I thought I needed a gasket but the technician said my appliance just needed a little adjustment and the door aligned. The technician was honest and took care of the problem instead of charging me to replace gaskets which I didn’t need. The technician was very competent, very nice and very professional. You’ve done a great job. Thank you!

Doug is always awesome! He is a nice, wonderful technician and very knowledgeable. He always does a good job. You guys are one of the BEST servicers out there. You have AMAZING customer service! In this day and age you don’t experience customer service so it’s WONDERFUL to have a company like you out there. You guys are truly amazing! We have used you for quite some time and we really appreciate the technicians and your commitment to customer service. American Appliance follows through and makes sure customers are happy and taken care of!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the best people I’ve worked with to finally resolve the ongoing issues I was having with my refrigerator, freezer and ice makers. Joe was fantastic, and American Appliance has been so kind throughout the whole process. I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate how fast you helped us out.

I want to let you know your technician Rich serviced my Sub-Zero freezer last week and did a great job. Everything is fixed and the ice maker works fine. Rich was very accommodating and flexible in a unique set of circumstances. I think you are fantastic, and I promise whenever somebody is looking for an appliance repair company, I will recommend you!

Jeanie and Patrick
Thank you for helping my husband, Patrick, with our Sub-Zero. The problem was exactly as the tech suggested. Somehow the child safety switch was touched. While trying to fix it, Patrick accidentally turned off the water to the ice cube maker. Patrick was very concerned because our neighbors recently had a terrible, $3,000 repair experience with another company and my husband was thinking he would have to buy a new refrigerator — just because the child lock was touched! Thank you so much for the honest advice by real professionals regarding what to check first. You are the best, honest, and we will always call you! Please feel free to post this on your website.

Leveled ASKO dishwasher so the top rack would stay in place when opening the door…a time consuming job. Installed and replaced the front panel on the door…a complex repair. Adjusted water flow in SubZero ice-maker. Service manager contacted me a couple of days after the service to ask if units were working properly. Sent technician back out to check out the ice maker, which he replaced under warranty. Since 2002 I have been served by the service and parts departments of American Appliance. The people in both areas have been very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. They are expert in the maintenance of ASKO and SubZero appliances…just as they claim!

Called company early in the morning (7am) received a call back within the hour. Repair man came (when scheduled) and responded to our call regarding our washing machine. Our machine flooded our basement and ended up being junked. The repairman was fabulous, spent time trying to locate the problem and gave us an estimate for the repair work. After some consideration we decided to purchase a new machine. The repairman made several suggestions regarding our purchase of a new machine.



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