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How We Care for Your Home

Respecting your home and your time are of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we take extra steps to ensure that your scheduled service visit is a pleasurable experience.

Respecting Your Home

We respect your property and make every effort to safeguard it during our service call. All of our field technicians wear booties and gloves to leave no trace. They also use protective coverings and carry cleaning materials to ensure a clean and neat conclusion to every service experience.

Respecting Your Time

* We offer same-day appointments in most cases, and will work around your schedule to find the time that works best.
* 98% of the time, we arrive at a customer’s house on the date and time requested (we’re shooting for 100%).
* You will receive a call when the technician is on the way, taking the uncertainty out of waiting.

Respecting You

The customer always comes first. We will let you know exactly what is wrong with the appliance and what we will be doing to fix it. You have the final say whether we proceed and are the final judge of whether our service met or exceeded your expectations.

If you are unsatisfied with your service experience, or feel you were not treated with respect, please reach out to us.